Hi, I’m Andrea! I help people see God in their everyday.

I love being a mom. Though that’s not unique to me. Motherhood is a profound experience laying it’s truths onto any woman who takes part. I can’t keep track of, nor count the endless connections that keep surfacing between life as a mom and God as parent to us. As long as this role is part of my life, there will be lessons gathered and  truths revealed along the way.

I love to work outside the home. I loved being home with both my kids, but I also thrived when I returned to the office. I’m challenged every day and find great purpose professionally. Lately, my joy has been in realizing I don’t have to separate my “work-Andrea” verses my “home Andrea.” It’s all on the same spectrum. I’m going to grow, serve others, and put 100% into my work, whether I’m out in the workforce or right here at home. 

I love to pray. I don’t pray nearly enough, but when I actually come towards God in prayer I’m the most honest version of myself. You can’t put up a front in prayer and while that kind of exposure can be terrifying, it’s the most honest place on earth. I also love praying for others. What greater way to connect and show care but to say, “God, here’s my friend. Would you meet with them today? Would you show them that you have not left and that you care about them deeply and are uniquely aware of their situation?” He is so good. If we just move an inch closer to Him, He makes up the rest of the way. 

I love to write.  In 2018 I self-published Hodgepodge Motherhood: Letters, Tales, and Prayers from the Wild Adventure of Motherhood. You can find Hodgepodge Motherhood here or on Amazon. Presently I am working on my first non-fiction book on circling back to my faith.