Hodgepodge Motherhood



Motherhood is a journey, an adventure, a challenge. A completely new time unlike any experienced before. God has orchestrated this time and is uniquely present in the lives of new moms. Daily He provides wisdom, strength, and truth to help a mom meet the challenges of her new life. Whether you’re a new mom, you’re pregnant, or you’re just considering the whole idea altogether, be encouraged that God is with you and wants to guide you through this new journey into the wild adventure of motherhood.

Hodgepodge Motherhood is a collection or “hodgepodge” of letters, tales, and prayers from this wild and life-changing adventure.

  • Letters – A few notes written to the child who is at the beginning growing on the inside and then later walking at my side.
  • Tales – Good stories. Everything from learning to rest during pregnancy, feeling totally accomplished after giving birth, to stepping with boldness and assurance into my new role as a mom.
  • Prayers – Prayer is talking to God. You’ll find some of my conversations here. Most often, you’ll also find my impression of God’s gentle answers back to my heart.


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  • Paperback
  • 138 pages,  5″ x 8″


Hodgepodge Motherhood

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